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Das T-Shirt Automat


Das T-Shirt Automat

There’s a lot of choice in this world. Whether you’re printing a t-shirt or buying organic peanut butter. We know little about roasting peanuts, but a great deal about decorating apparel. Allow us to explain why we’re your best option…


We’re confident in the calibre of our work. If you’re not happy we want to know, and we’ll make it right. We won’t always be the cheapest because we concentrate on creating the best possible prints with the finest service, and less about shaving off another 20c. We’ll guarantee your happiness and not even your Mum will do that.


We focus on AS Colour apparel because we care they’re 100% WRAP certified. Read our full eco-details here. And we run brick and mortar stores in an era of smartphone shopping because we believe in lively high streets and local communities. And we’ll do it until we’re inevitably nuked by an ecommerce drone while we’re checking on the kombucha.


We use Direct to Garment (DTG) technology for our apparel. And we have about 15 years experience doing it. We also work with screenprinting & embroidery partners for when DTG doesn’t cut the mustard. We have in-house dye sublimation and vinyl transfer expertise for synthetics and exciting things like mugs. Which is a way better word than anyone gives it credit for. Mug.


We need people. To print your Nan’s birthday present, to drink beer with. And we’re incredibly proud of every one of ours. We’ve definitely scored an absurdly dedicated, highly skilled and excellently relaxed crew of people. And we know this because we asked our customers. We’d share what they thought but no believes online testimonials in this day and age, so you’ll just have to get out of bed and meet them for yourself.


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