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Kensington City Soccer Club

“Our Heritage; Our Culture; Our Club”

Kensington City Soccer Club (KCSC) was established in 1987 by a passionate group of people from the Republic of El Salvador that settled in the community of Kensington.  Our Club is based at JJ Holland Park between Kensington Road and Childers Street.

KCSC has been actively involved with many changes over the last 34 years.  Funding from the City of Melbourne has ensured that players now compete on a new synthetic pitch.  This is one of Australia's first synthetic sports fields that complies with international standards for soccer.  The Bill Vanina Pavilion is home to our Club and its purpose-built changerooms and storage facilities further supports our players.  The pavilion also provides a function room that caters for our members, supporters and residents of the Kensington community.

KCSC is an inclusive, family-oriented club that is supportive, encourages and promotes good sportsmanship, has an emphasis on the health and fitness of its players as well as a high level of social involvement and community engagement.

All members of KCSC represent many cultures and ethnic backgrounds that are diverse and unique.  This aspect of our Club is its core strength and further promotes a multicultural diversity that not only enhances our Club as a place of 'belonging and acceptance' but thrives on the aspect of inclusiveness of all its members, regardless of cultural background and ethnicity.

KCSC prides itself on advocating for family involvement.  The definition of family in contemporary society has been broadened to comprise a number of key elements that have previously, by definition, have been omitted.  Reflecting on this, KCSC wholly supports and encourages the active involvement of all families within our Club as being beneficial to the playing group as a means to further promote positive relationships with all members of the Club.

Good sportsmanship, a 'team first' work ethic and positive role-modelling demonstrated by our Club's playing group and by extension, all of its members, is encouraged as a means of upholding and advancing the ethos of our Club.  With this in mind, KCSC aims to maintain and build upon these standards so that our Club can actively attract players, members and sponsors that will further grow our organisation.

This year, our Club is actively engaged in forming a relationship with a successful A-League organisation in Melbourne City Football Club.  It is anticipated that this relationship will further assist and align our Club to adopt and follow 'best practice' guidelines.  The long-term aim is to make KCSC 'a destination Club' for players, community members and organisations, to play for and support.

At KCSC, the emphasis on the health and fitness of its players is of principal importance.  This year, our Club aims to seek the services of physiotherapists attending to players on match-days.  Additionally, our Club has established relationships with the Kensington Community Recreation Centre in utilising its swimming pool and gymnasium facilities as a means of assisting players recover post-match as well as for rehabilitation.  The Club also makes use of these facilities during outdoor training sessions that are negatively impacted by cold and wet weather.  Throughout outdoor and indoor training sessions, the KCSC coaching staff not only employ drills and training regimes that will be used on match days but, educate players in using different playing strategies and set plays in theory classes.  As such, all players' development will be closely monitored and recorded by our Club's coaching staff.

The importance of social interaction amongst players, Club supporters and community organisations is highly regarded and whole-heartedly encouraged by our Club.  KCSC continues to actively seek and form partnerships with local businesses operating within Kensington, as a means of further supporting and encouraging players to form strong friendships and produce positive social interactions.