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Kensington Business Association

About Kensington

Kensington is an area with distinct character, with a quirky mix of buildings, pretty elm lined streets and a village style shopping strip it has an old world meets new world feel. The area is known for the diversity of its architecture, including Victorian terraces, cottages, warehouse apartments and new structures

Located only 4km north – west from Melbourne’s CBD the area features vibrant cafes, eclectic gift stores, a multitude of professional services, small grocers, and a bustling food scene. The traders of Kensington take great pride in their products, from the beautiful fresh produce, scent of home-made soup bubbling away, to the meticulously styled display windows, visiting Kensington is a delight for the senses. 

At the heart of Kensington is the Kensington Town Hall which is an important civic space for the community to gather. Residents, visitors and workers are invited to attend this beautiful centre. 

The Committee

The Kensington Business Association Committee comprises of volunteer member nominated at the Annual General Meeting.  Their role is to oversee and approve all marketing activities, plan for the future and seek opportunities to enhance the businesses of Kensington.  They work closely with the Marketing Team and the City of Melbourne and meet on a monthly basis. 

If you would like to discuss any queries about your membership, or potential membership, please feel welcome to contact our committee members or email




Kensington Business Association’s membership charge of $50, that is matched by a contribution of $600.00 from Council, gives members a valuable opportunity to market and promote their business both within our local area and out to a wider audience. These funds help our business precinct to grow.  A thriving local business centre has significant benefits for the local community as well.

Much time and effort has gone into establishing our Association and setting our foundations.  Its now time for our Association to take a step further to grow and create opportunities for our members and for our Kensington businesses and community to continue to thrive. 

We encourage you to renew or sign up as a member of the Kensington Business Association so collectively we can further develop Discover Kensington together.